Your Ottawa DJ: The Expert Mixer and Matcher

You must’ve wondered what a DJ does on all those complicated machines that he’s got, spinning and pushing buttons here and there. A DJ, also known as a Disc Jockey, who play existing music which has been recorded for a live audience. They mix recorded music, from any source that they can get in such a way that it pleases the audience. Their main aim is to ensure that people enjoy the music being played for them and perhaps even dance along to them. There are various DJs who play on the radio, in clubs, music festivals and even at weddings.

What Does A DJ Do?

A DJ has the sole aim to mix and choose songs which entertains the crowd enough to make them sway to the beats. Beatmatching would be another thing that a DJ does, where he matches the tempo of one song to the tempo of the next song that’s playing so that a continuous beat is maintained. The choice of the next song also makes a huge difference. A DJ has to maintain the tempo. Each crowd is different, and every event is different, to appeal to the crowd, the set being played needs to be tailored to their tastes, and choosing music according to their taste is a skill, not every DJ possesses.

The transition from one song to the other also makes a big difference because moving from one song to the other needs to sound good or the feel of the whole thing is ruined. The transition from one song to the other done smoothly is mixing, and this is what actually gives live DJing its feel. For the person on stage as well as offstage, as the songs are mixed and matched and played to hype the crowd up. As opposed to some instances where DJs would just go up to stage and play an iTunes playlist, you can rest assured your Ottawa DJ will go on stage and mix all chartbusters till your guests just won’t be able to stop dancing along.

DJing at Events

You can have a DJ mixing music for about any event you can think of. Be it a private event like a wedding, house party, corporate event or even a beach party, you can rest assured that you can get a DJ spinning the crowd’s favourite song. Also, you can count on your Ottawa DJ to cater to the crowd’s needs and play all songs according to the mood of the event. From slow, romantic songs at a wedding to hip hop chartbuster at house parties, you can get it all.

A DJ is so much more than someone pressing buttons on stage, and making weird hand gestures. They mix and match songs to match the crowd’s mood and ensure that everyone, in general, is having a good time.