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You Think Throwing A Bouquet Of Flower Is Strange? Read This!

There are the kind of wedding that are filled with simple rituals where you see a man and a woman taking and accepting each other as their partners for life.

Doesn’t that warm your heart up? (Sigh)

Then there are weddings that are all really weird and strange.

Every wedding has its strange wedding cultures but there are some that are way beyond that.

Here are some of the examples that might help you get over the “why do brides have to throw a bouquet? It’s so strange”:

The Kidnapping of the Bride

There are times when people meet in some bar, spend time together, fall in love and get married five years later.

But that is easy and not spooky at all.

However, some people just skip straight to marriage without the whole eyes meeting across the room romantic thing.

Which eventually leads to the matter at hand, the kidnapping of the bride.

The Romani, believe that if they manage to kidnap a woman and keep her with them for a few days then she is officially the wife.

And even though it might have made sense long ago in the age of ignorance, it still happens.

The Marriage with a tree

Surely that would be successful, since they can’t actually bark back and the wife always stands right.

India is the center of superstitions. In some part it is believed that some women are cursed so that they will cause the death of their first husbands.

These things are told by people who study stars in India.

And so the women are first married to the tree so that the tree and then the tree is cut down.

Ultimately the woman is free of the curse and can live a happy long life with her second husband.

Marriage to Animals to Exorcise the Ghosts

Just because they have tree wedding doesn’t mean India is the only one with the strange wedding cultures.

America is not lagging behind either.

No matter how much they claim to be open-minded, you want yourself to be murdered by a bride because you told her to marry without her something blue.

So when someone said to the bride who unfortunately had a tooth rooted to the upper gum, would be hated by the ghosts; they had to do something about it.

And so the girl was married to a sweet little dog in the middle of the town with a proper gown and a walk down the aisle.

Thank God there was no need consummate the marriage but you never know with these things.

But thankfully, she can now be a second wife to someone without the ghosts lingering on her head.


And so the list of all these way-beyond-strange strange wedding cultures go on and on.

At some point you actually start to find them funny because they are just that out of logic.

Are there any cultures that have you intrigued?