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The Increasing Popularity Of Putlocker Streaming Site

The internet has taken the world on a storm. People are crazy over the internet. Entertainment today comes handy. You just need to enter the name of a movie and bam it is there on your screen to watch. The viewers can now enjoy live sports, movies as well as web series just by a mere touch on the screen. The internet has not only made the lives of the people simple but has also given an ocean of options for entertainment.

File hosting website known as putlocker, which works online by streaming media like movies, television series used for free of cost. Firstly the website was originated in the United Kingdom in 2011 and later there is an increase of daily viewers because of the mega upload which closed. The site blocked in the United Kingdom with the orders of High court but late 2016 it was declared as a temporary closure. It was ranked under 250 by Alexa Internet as the most visited websites worldwide. Later it was under significant piracy threat reported by Motion Picture Association of America.

Whether the team maintained the official website, it is still not known because of many proxy websites, and fifty mirror websites can identify until now. The official website, which is available online, is still not made public.

How was history made?

Putlocker firstly created in United Kingdom with the URL Eighty thousand visitors received on January 2012. Later it started receiving 1.6 million viewers a day because of the reason that Mega upload got closed with the issue of copyright infringement. Adrian Petroff, the website officer, considered the worry and then worked on it.

March 2012, Alfred Perry, who is the Vice President of the worldwide content protection at paramount pictures, identifies putlocker as the rogue cyber locker services. June 2014 this address was seized by police intellectual property crime unit in United Kingdom. And again it was changed to putlocker is who’s domain was located in Iceland.

Present condition

October 2016, putlocker is the address again started showing the error? 2 November 2016 the putlocker. Is the URL was done active and showing the URL On 27 February 2017, the showing URL was suspended. March 2017 it was reporting ted oasis.


June 2018, guilty was pleaded by Trevon Maurice Franklin of Fresno, California. With the reason that federal copyright violation when the downloading of Deadpool by putlocker and was uploaded to Facebook, which got 6 million views free as the movie released before a week.


How to avoid bad debt on personal loan Singapore?


In order to prepare for a secure financial future, a person must avoid the debt and the best way to avoid debt is discussed here. Knowing how to use a personal loan is very important in order to avoid bad debt. Here are some tips on how to save yourself from bad debts by using your personal in an appropriate way:

  • Don’t purchase special services

Many loan services and banks offer many services like protection from cash fraud, an SMS alert system and many more. These services are usually not useful for many customers they are only overpriced. So, avoid taking these services because they are not very useful.

  • Avoid cash advances

Taking cash advances is unwise as it will result in increased interest rate, transaction fee and no grace period. At the end of the month, even if the balance is paid in full, you will still have to pay interest on the borrowed cash. That is why avoid taking cash advances as it will only increase debt or you can create bad debt.

  • Don’t overspend on food

Paying with cash can eliminate the chances of getting charged for something that no longer exists. Paying interest on food or disposable items is not wise and ineffective in avoiding debt.

  • Avoid what you can’t afford

Living beyond your means is one of the reasons for bad debt. Most of the people cannot afford something and purchase things which they are unable to pay for with cash. It means you are overspending and living beyond your actual means. If you are unable to pay for something with cash don’t buy it. Because at the end of the month you have to pay the balance.

  • Create a budget

Instead of relying on the limit of the personal loan Singapore, you can avoid bad debt by creating your budget yourself. This will help you in avoiding bad debt and the budget will also base on your money in the bank.

  • Use a credit card only for emergency

Most of the people prefer paying for services using a card which results in more charges for services. It is recommended to use money only in case of emergency as you cannot escape debt in that case but you need to use the cash, so, it’s fine at that time. But make sure you have already planned for paying the debts when the cash is used in an emergency.