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Should People Buy Likes On Instagram Or Not

On Instagram, likes are what matters the most. The greater number of likes a post gets, the better it can compete with the top-rated posts. Who knows, it might even show up on the explore page! But with a large number of pages on instagram that have the same subject matter and the difficult task of gaining followers, it becomes quite an ordeal to gain likes. So, what people do is buy likes on instagram.

How does one buy Instagram like?

There are ways and means by which one can increase their number of likes. One of the methods is creating a lot of fake accounts to increase the like counts of a page. However, this process is very lengthy and tedious and the people looking for likes generally do not use this method. Another method uses a service that deploys bots to like photos of related accounts. The logic behind this is that if the bot likes photos of other related accounts, those accounts would feel compelled to like the user’s photos to reciprocate. The main problem with this method is that it always doesn’t work.

Risks associated with buying likes

When people buy likes on instagram, they put themselves on risk, some of which are:

  • They pay money for gaining likes, however, nothing happens and their engagement remains the same.
  • Instagram comes to know that the likes are fake or bought and the user is caught and punished.
  • If the above incidence occurs, then the reputation of the brand or the user falls and their business fail.
  • Ultimately, the user’s account can be permanently deleted.

What can be done to avoid buying of likes?

  • Users can hire people to spread the word about their account so that they can increase the number of followers and ultimately, the number of likes.
  • Once the popularity starts increasing, other people will automatically start to follow the user’s work and increase their like count.

Is buying likes worth it?

With buying likes, the number of risks far exceed the number of rewards. And most importantly, there is no need to buy likes in order to become famous on instagram. If the user works hard, with dedication and resilience they can achieve whatever they wished for, and maybe even more than they could have thought. The best likes are earned ones.