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Institutes Performing Alzheimer’s Studies Near Me

With each passing day, several and various kind of diseases are being diagnosed. Some of them have a cure while some are incurable. One of such kind of incurable disease is Alzheimer. Although it was detected a long time back yet the reasons for its occurrence are still unknown. Medical institutes around the world are still in search of its appropriate reason. A few renowned institutes are offering Alzheimer’s studies near me. Some of them are even taking in Alzheimer patients for clinical trials which would be helping them in understanding the disease better.

What is Alzheimer?

Firstly, we must know what is dementia? It can’t be referred to as a disease. Actually, it is a collective term for various symptoms clubbed together. It is a common term for a decline in the mental activity of a person which affects their daily life. Alzheimer is a kind of dementia. It is related to memory loss, behavior and thinking of a person. It is a progressive disease and generally affects the persons above 65 years of age but may be found in an early stage of life, albeit rare. Its symptoms develop slowly but with time get worst. The lifecycle of an Alzheimer patient can be divided into three stages namely mild or early stage, moderate or middle stage and severe or last stage.

Mild Alzheimer disease (early stage)

This is the early stage and people may be witnessing memory lapses in the form of forgetting common words or location of daily used objects. A person close to such people can notice their difficulties like:

  • Misplacing or losing valuable objects
  • Remembering the right name or word
  • Can’t plan or organize things or events
  • Forgetting the names of new people instantly

Moderate Alzheimer disease (middle stage)

It’s the longest stage of Alzheimer. The initial symptoms become more noticeable. The patient becomes more confused. Though, the patient may remember very important moments of his or her life. Slowly and gradually the patients start forgetting their personal life and various life experiences. 

Severe Alzheimer disease (last stage)

The symptoms are severe in this stage. Final stage patients need 24 hours assistance for their routine work and become vulnerable to several infections, especially pneumonia.

Although institutes having Alzheimer’s studies near me are doing their best to find a cure for it but it may take several years for the development of its cure