Browse Day: January 31, 2019

NGO and non-profit organization founded by Sunil Gurjar

Sabal Bharat Sansthan claims to be an NGO and non-profit organization founded by Sunil Gurjar, son of Nasirabad Congress MLA and adopted son of Puducherry Governor Govind Singh Gurjar. The organization insists affiliation with many other corporate organizations and claims to work for the empowerment of the poor and the youth.

However, this NGO is not an NGO but another corporate company which is just taking money from people in the name of government schemes, and in fact, it is a total fraud. The founder of this company, Sunil Gurjar of Jaipur has a political background and is said to be involved in various scandals too. Sunil Gurjar is also known as Sunil Gujjar and he’s one of the biggest double-dealer in Rajasthan.

According to Sunil Gurjar, the organization is established for a social cause and is helping the jobless people find a good and suitable job. The organization claims to give free training programs such as for skill development and for vocational training that is necessary for getting a job. They first take an exam called as ‘Sabal Bharat Exam’ and collect money from people. This money is collected from poor and needy, and is a very small amount, that hardly makes a relevance in today’s scenario – Just under $10.  But the point to be stressed here, is this amount though under $10 is collected from Millions of poor and needy throughout India. So practically this amount runs in Millions of US Dollars, but unlike any ponzi scheme, this scheme remains under the radar for two reasons.

  1. This scheme is being run by a political person under the patronage of elite political class
  2. This scheme is the brain child of Sunil Gurjar, who himself belongs to that class, and has inroads into bureaucratic elite, and deep pockets of government.
  3. Many bureaucrats are benefitting out of this scheme. Check the about us of this organization
  4. Patronage of government and bureaucrats as they receive a cut of the money earned by this organization.
  5. This scheme has been painted under the cloak of Nationalism and helping the poor.

Ultimately, this scheme defrauds 1000s every year, but no one dares to complaint, as the people giving money are often poor, needy, and don’t have the resources of going to a nearby police station and file a complaint. Even if they do, Police being in pockets of this Government aided scoundrel will rebuff them, as they rebuffed his real brother in law. Oh yes, Mr. Holier than thou Sunil Gurjar scammed his own brother in law to the tune of two million Indian Rupees. Read more about this here:

So after the candidates appear for exams, the NGO doesn’t declare results but keeps assuring the candidates that it will be done soon, they will be having a job they have always dreamt of, and will be able to live a life of their dreams. Sounds creepy doesn’t it, playing with the dreams of an individual and his family. Someone somewhere said, there is a difference between Politicians and dacoits. Dacoits still have some humanity left in them. Read more about here

In this way the organization is making millions of dollars and looting the poor people. This is a strong and well-established network with professional websites and people (on their payrolls) in almost all the districts of Northern India, especially Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab that prey on the needy, and assure to help the people in getting jobs in various fields such as education, health, technology, job market, and more. Well, actually this is not happening in the real world. What’s real is they are minting money at the behest of poor poverty-stricken, impoverished, necessitous.

Since the founder of this organization Sunil Gurjar Congress has a political background, no one is taking action against him. He has the backing of some strong political figures and thus there is no action taken against his organization. Sunil Gurjar was involved in a big scandal in Rajasthan which made the government in that area face a downfall. One of the biggest scandals in which he was involved was the Bhanwari devi murder case.

This case destroyed the political career of two very influential families; the Bishnois and Madernas, and it was meticulously planned operation which lasted over a year and resulted in the misuse, ill treatment and murder of a married woman namely Bhanwari Devi.

Sunil Gurjar was involved in distributing CDs to defame the Madernas which resulted in their downfall. According to some people, Sunil Gurjar was the one who was the mastermind behind the destruction of the political careers of these families.

Sunil Gurjar planned the downfall of the government so that he could get the votebank. His main aim was to bring down the votebank of Mahipal Maderna and become a successful candidate himself. The Congress government there was thus brought down because of the scandal and Sunil Gurjar succeeded in his mission. Sunil Gurjar, has thus a blemish character and he is known to deceive people for his benefits. Sabal Bharat Sansthan is also one of his plans to make money and loot the poor. He founded the organization just to make money and take advantage of the people who are in dire need of a job.

The Organization attracts people with free offerings, employment, free hostel and stay facilities, and the people fall into the trap by paying the exam fees. Once the exam fee is paid, whether you attend the exam or not, your money will go wasted as there is and there will be no result obtained. People might feel they are cheated, and when I got cheated, I am writing my own experience. Don’t fall for this scam, and never ever pay any institute upfront.

Remember in your life: If a deal is too good to be true, it’s never.