Browse Day: January 19, 2019

Paul Gleit: The Man With A Plan

With new businesses emerging, capital has become a major requirement. Many venture capitalists are present in the market trying to invest in potential businesses that will be able to provide potential returns on the investment. Paul Gleit is one such person who has been dealing with many businesses across different industries through EDGE ventures.

Paul has been involved with his family run business in the health care and pharmacy sector for years. His academics in law has catapulted his business to new heights and catering to different needs of the health sector. Paul Gleit has experience in the back-end operations that entail security considerations, regulatory compliance management, and laws. The other areas where Paul has his expertise are systems and general business operations. This has driven him to create EDGE ventures, a venture capitalist firm providing capital to the potential start-ups. His strong interests in law, politics, and philanthropy are the added assets which contribute effectively to business success.

Paul Gleit has been known as the man with a plan. His academic qualification and work exposure along with sharp business mind have helped his family business thrive in this competitive world. Moreover, he uses his experience to mentor new business founders on keeping them motivated, track their business plan, and chalk out a map for future endeavors. Furthermore, he is more concerned with the potential of the business plan while some of the venture capitalists prefer to be skeptical and look at the figures. So, if you are a start-up owner and looking forward to some investments to scale up, then you can surely approach EDGE Ventures and find out what it takes to be a better businessman. But, make sure that your papers are ready to undergo harsh scrutiny and you have to be prepared for it.

Edge Ventures

EDGE Ventures, as already mentioned is a family-owned capital investment firm which also provides consultancy. The managers at EDGE Ventures share a partnership with the businesses by imparting strong resources and relationships. They are currently partnered with businesses across various sectors like real estate, fitness, retail, and Technology. Paul Gleit believes that strong relationship and right consultancy is what drives business towards a positive impact on the society. His plans are quite simple but effective in a way that EDGE ventures provide direction and guidance to business owners to help them wave off liabilities and build assets along with penetrating the market for better market share.

Lifeguard training tips

Well, getting a lifeguard training is not how easy as you think it might seem to be. You definitely need to have the desired qualification in order to be a lifeguard. You will be asked to answer a test which has been divided into three sections and they will include the following:

  • The first aid training
  • A pool test
  • A verbal test

In order to be all set for this test, you can opt for the courses that are available. Now, you must be wondering why would you be in need of the lifeguard classes, isn’t it? Well, here is a brief on some essential things that you need to know. Let us see what all these include.

Why do you need the lifeguarding training?

  • The job of the lifeguard is usually the one that is paid off better in comparison as to working as a waiter or so for the same institution.
  • There is a monthly paid training that you could opt for in order to get some better experience and knowledge about the job.
  • The job tends to be in an environment that is more entertaining and also usually people are in a better mood.

But what are some things that need to be taken into consideration before you start with this training?

  • There are certain requirements which you will need to fulfill before starting off with the job – to make sure that you look into it very carefully.
  • You can take up this job only if you are someone who is very punctual because this is the main requirement and as per the law the lifeguard needs to be supervising the pool at all times.
  • The training is expensive and will consume a lot of your time – so if you can afford it then only you should consider this as a job.

Some more tips on lifeguarding:

Well, it isn’t very tough either but you need to be cooperative and friendly with the other members of your team as well. You need to make sure that no one is left out from conversations, lunch and other fun activities – because in the end, you are all one team! As a lifeguard, you shouldn’t have any confusion in mind. You ought to ask questions as and when you wish to. There is no need to hesitate or even feel shy. Also, if you feel you are not comfortable with something then make sure you do not do it and go and speak to the authority that is in charge.