Browse Month: September 2017

Get the right smart jewelry products today

Have you ever listened about the smart jewelry products? It’s a sort of incredible and real-looking jewelry products that hide in it the tech devices. These jewelry products allow you to say goodbye to the silicone and plastic forever. You can enjoy the benefits of the technology along with the beautiful looks of smart jewelry products. What can be more amazing than this if the trendy and beautiful jewelry is combined with the technologies that benefit you in various ways? So, get to know about what is beneficial for you and purchase that to enjoy its benefits.

List of a few smart jewelry items for women

Following is the list of a few smart jewelry products for women.

Smart rings

The smart rings are the amazing alternatives to the smart watches, which are bulky to wear and handle all time. It’s a sort of amazing ring that makes you available the alerts to your messages, calls, and social media updates etc. Isn’t it amazing that you have a remote control ring to your smartphone in your finger that enables you to control the things? The stylish smart ring also serves as a tracking device for your smartphone.

Memi smart bracelets

The most amazing and stylish Bluetooth smart bracelet that has no display but tell you about the incoming messages and calls on your smartphone. How it works if it doesn’t have any sort of display? It has three vibration patterns which are distinguishing from each other. A tiny button allows you to connect the memi smart bracelet to your smartphone. As soon as it’s connected, it shows a LED light turned on.

NFC smart ring

This smart ring has the built-in NFC functionality. The availability of two NFC’s on the ring allows you to program it accordingly for various functions. It’s not very costly but functions amazingly. There are a number of sizes and styles available for these type of rings in the market and these are most commonly used by the business owners etc because they can conveniently program it the way they want.

These are a few examples of smart jewelry items to give you an idea about them. So, if you are thinking that you need to stick to the dumb gadgets or the smart phones, you are wrong for the reason that the smart jewelry items have changed the way of living because you can enjoy the benefits of latest tech devices wearing these chic jewelry items.